A small-production platform for health functional food that everyone has been waiting for 

“Changing the concept of health care from therapeutic medicine to preventive medicine”

The health functional food market is emerging as a growing industry
because customers find their own way to stay healthy.
The government also supports market development
because the financial burden of health insurance and extended
lifespan due to the aging population has emerged as
the most critical issue for the government and individuals.
The ways to overcome these issues are to allow individuals to
take care of their health and reduce the burden of medical expenses. 

The market environment is favorable to OEM/ODM companies.
As the market for health functional food grows,
competition among sellers is getting more intense,
but the number of manufacturers has not increased significantly. 

Therefore, there is a limited number of companies for the general
public who intend to produce health functional food
to choose from and suffer high costs of MOQ and production.
Furthermore, general manufacturers have no choice but to
follow the manufacturer’s requirements.

So, we manufacture domestic and foreign
health functional foods for those who experience
and face high barriers to entering the market.

We provide professional consulting services to
discuss the use of raw materials and retail price
and make a minimum MOQ, which is the most
important part of the production,
to produce marketable products without
the burden of high costs.

It does not require a good understanding
of health functional food.
You just need the product concept to produce by ODM.
Also, even if you choose to produce by ODM,
we have a group of experts,
including a pharmacist, to give advice.

If you face difficulties in production, feel free to contact us.

Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.