A small-production platform for health functional food that everyone has been waiting for 

Why start-ups of health functional foods go for Quick OEM?

Many start-ups use an OEM method in the health functional food market,
which has recently experienced significant growth.

Why choose Quick OEM when there are so many manufacturers?

Because it is capable of small-volume production with small capital.

Most of the start-ups are new to developing a proper market or
even selling online for the first time.

So, holding a large amount of inventory puts them
at risk and requires high costs. .

Quick OEM even allows university students
and those with insufficient capital
to produce health functional food
at the cost of 10 million won or less.

Also, we have a group of experts, including a pharmacist,
who can give you advice on the ODM method
free of charge for those who do not know much
about health functional foods.

The ODM method enables you to start from a
very advantageous sales position in terms of
marketing with guaranteed competitiveness
and differentiated products.

If you join us to enter the health functional food
market with high entry barriers,
we will definitely give you a shortcut to success.

1. Customer inquiry 

Talk to our group of experts, including a pharmacist, about your product concept, marketability, demand, etc., and establish your direction.

2. Establishing the manufacturing 
method of product 

Calculate the cost of production and determine the product type.

3. Contract 

Officially sign a contract upon agreement of
the delivery date and production costs

4. Product development and confirmation  

Warehousing of main and sub materials
for production and package design

5. Production

Producing products and auxiliary materials

6. Product delivery 

Transporting products to the designated place of delivery