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You will get professional advice from our experts including a pharmacist. 

Manufactured in HACCP and GMP-certified large-scale manufacturing facilities.
Please fill in your inquiry first before contacting us by phone.
We produce according to your own design and product name.
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- Group of products for co-production  -

• Extremely high-priced products 

• 120,000 capsule MOQ 

• Currently recruiting 3 companies

• Low-priced products 

• 90,000 capsule MOQ 

• Currently recruiting 2 companies 

• Functional: Helps sleep better   

• Daily intake: 1g rice bran alcohol extract / day

• Currently recruiting 4 companies

• Functional: Helps reduce fat

• Daily intake: 400mg Green Coffee Bean Extract / day

• Currently recruiting 2 companies

• Functional: Inhibits platelet aggregation, which can impede blood flow to facilitate blood circulation

• Daily intake: 113mg Culture of Bacillus Subtilis Natto / day

• Currently recruiting 3 companies

※ Functions vary depending on the daily intake

•  Functional: Helps enhance immunity

• Daily intake: 1.8 – 3.6g Lentinus edodes Mushroom-Cultured Glycyrrhiza radix / day

• Functional: Helps improve liver health

• Daily intake: 350mg Lentinus edodes Mushroom-Cultured
Glycyrrhiza radix / day
• Currently recruiting 3 companies

Inquiry for co-production

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