Domestic and foreign OEM/ODM manufacturing solutions

Capable of producing the smallest unit of domestic and overseas health functional food and other processed products 
No knowledge about health functional food is required 
Our group of experts including a pharmacist gives you a consulting solution and produce a minimum MOQ

Product form 

Hard Capsule

Used for health functional foods and contains powder or granules. The upper and lower capsules are detachable.

Soft Capsule

Soft capsule; not detachable; mainly contains liquid.


The pill is one kind of molded form made by adding appropriate additives to raw materials and molding or encapsulating them in a particular shape


Another form of pill made in the shape of a sphere; small-sized, easy to swallow, and convenient to carry.


Refers to those with particles smaller than the granules


Refers to a solid or semi-solid state without fluidity made by adding pectin or gelatin to the liquid


Made for children or women to easily consume health functional food with an unpleasant taste.

Liquid / Syrup

Refers to a liquid that has fluidity or a concentrated product in a liquid state.

OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturing]

Made according to the buyer’s product specification (trademark attached)  

The buyer is engaged in planning and designing, and products are manufactured according to the buyer’s product specification by a manufacturer equipped with production facilities Suitable for those with experience in producing health functional food or foods or those with knowledge of raw materials


ODM [Original Development Manufacturing]

Developed and produced by the manufacturer 

Unlike OEM, the manufacturer is engaged in product planning, development, production, and quality control in cooperation with the buyer. This method is suitable for those who are new to health functional food or food. 


OBM [Original Brand Manufacturing]

Self-development and production method

OBM refers to a production method in which a company with its own brand is engaged in production, design, distribution, and marketing 


Packaging method

Bottle packaging 

Widely used for packaging pills or capsules.

Pouch or 3 or 4-sided cotton cloths 

Pouches are used for liquid (red ginseng liquid, etc.) or bulk powder, whereas 3 or 4-sided cotton cloth is used for packaging one or two pills. 


Stick packaging 

Widely used for packaging powder or granules (i.e., probiotics) as well as gel or jelly.

PTP blister

Widely used for packaging products that may deteriorate when it comes in contact with air. Suitable for both pills and capsules.

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